My name is Liron and I am the owner and founder of Fruitfeest. When I arrived in the Netherlands, I noticed there was lack of healthy food and not much awareness for healthy nutrition. I missed those big fruit platters with fresh, sliced, ready to eat variety of fruit that I used to enjoy in many occasions back home.


With passion for healthy, fresh and colourful food, especially fruit, I founded Fruitfeest - A fruit catering which offers you the opportunity to experience the freshness and taste of our fruit based on a range of products.


​Fresh fruit catering is ideal for events because everyone loves fruit. The vibrant colours and scents of fruit are an eye-catcher for any event or occasion. ​Choose between the beautifully designed, ready to eat, fresh, sliced fruit platters or go for the Frushi, our unique product that will make you experience an unforgettable sensation of flavors. Getting your daily amount of vitamins has never been so easy with Fruitfeest.


Healthy food, fresh products, creativity, attention to the small details and customer orientation play an important role for me.



My mission is to raise people's awareness to healthier nutrition habits by offering healthier alternatives which are also incredibly tasty. Healthy doesn't mean less tasty.​ I believe that healthy nutrition in the workplace can lead to lower absenteeism, greater satisfaction, higher motivation and less turnover. I also consider it equally important to take our environment into account, Fruitfeest works as much as possible with local and seasonal products, offers also sustainable options and strives to reduce food waste to zero.