Frushi ~ Incredible Fruit Sushi!

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Who doesn't like fresh and tasty fruit? Who doesn't like sushi? The combination of those two is called “Frushi” 

Frushi is a winning and impressive creation in its design and taste. It is a healthy delicious on-the-go snack. Frushi is a great substitute for a dessert, or can be an enjoyable breakfast as it includes all important ingredients to boost your body with energy.


It helps fitness enthusiasts, vegans, or just ordinary people to get fast energy packed in refreshing rolls. From the first bite you will experience a great pleasure in your mouth. The Frushi rice is mixed with coconut cream and toasted coconut, while the sweetness comes mainly from the fresh fruit inside. 


We use superfoods like chia seeds and spirulina to boost your energy and make it healthier. In short - an unforgettable experience!

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Frushi is 100% vegan and gluten free. Frushi can last 48 hours when stored in a fridge.