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Our range of products are suitable for any occasion you may think of whether it is business or private. It is also perfect as part of Wellbeing at the workplace program. 


We also take into account any intolerance or allergy.

   Business Events  

Fruit As A Service 


Recent studies clearly demonstrate that companies which offer workplace health initiatives are earning high marks with their employees. 


Providing free fruit at work is a simple, cost effective way to help boost employee well being and could be a small part of an overall employee well being plan.


By providing fresh fruit, companies can make it easier for their employees to make healthy choices.


Fruit also boosts workplace productivity on multiple levels. It provides the essential nutrients that support healthy immune functioning and prevent chronic illnesses, thus proactively reduces absenteeism.


Our fruits are already sliced and peeled which makes it easier for people to grab on their way to a meeting or just put them in a yogurt bowl for breakfast without the hassle of peeling and slicing, so that the fruit will be consumed entirely.

It reduces food waste and leads to sustainable consumption.

Fruit for a Business or Team Meeting

Special business meeting? Important customer coming to the office which you would like to impress with something unique, tasty and healthy? Team meetingBusiness breakfast/lunch at the office?

Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, that's why having healthy snacks in your meetings could make your weekly business meetings/gatherings more productive. Eating unhealthy, processed foods can make us sluggish, creating concentration problems while healthier options such as fresh fruit or other healthy snacks provide sustained energy for high performance throughout the day. Let us help you create successful and productive meetings. 


Healthy Borrel


Is that even possible? Yes it is! We will create a Fruit buffet for you according to your needs and wishes.

Switching to healthier snacks will definitely boost your energy for the next coming days. Choosing healthier foods is easier than you may think.

By changing just a few eating habits you can make a big difference to your diet.

Company Event


Organise for a kick off, staff event, customer event, workshop, opening/launching event, etc.

Creativity is perhaps the most important ingredient for an impactful and effective event. We will create a Fruit buffet for your event according to your needs and wishes.


Every detail will be taken care of to ensure your event will be successful and unforgettable.

Delivering high quality is our priority. 


A fruit buffet is definitely the ideal addition to your event because everyone loves fruit. The vibrant colours and scents of fruit are an eye-catcher for any event. Our fruit buffet is a great idea for the reception or as a dessert buffet. 

Fruitfeest-181019 (13).jpg

Employee & Customer Gifts


Employee or customer gift for various events or occasions - Birthday, Appreciation, Holiday, New year, Child birth, Sickness, Special occasion or just to simply say Thank you.

Employers today understand that giving gifts to employees and giving gratitude contributes to improving relationships, raises employee morale and motivation, and creates a positive atmosphere in the work environment. However, finding original and practical gifts for employees is an unimaginable task.
A beautiful and colourful fruit platter for employees is undoubtedly a surprising, exciting and tasty gift that he will for sure acknowledge. 


The fresh fruits, aromas and flavours stimulate astonishment and appetite and make the moment memorable. Fruitfeest has a variety of delicious and healthy fruit platters from different styles and sizes. In addition to a fruit platter, a complementary fruit sushi can be added as a gift to make it even more joyful and special. We also add a card with a personal message.

“In the office this fruit dish looks great and tastes even better! I can really recommend
Fruitfeest for bringing in the healthy snack regularly as they put in a lot of effort to make
it look smashing. Perfect for grabbing the fruit in the kitchen or during a meeting"


~ Anne Marie Meijer - Atrium Group Services B.V.

“Elk jaar organiseer iets om onze vrijwilligers in het zonnetje te zetten. De laatste keer heb ik bij Fruitfeest een fruit buffet besteld. Dit was een heel groot succes want binnen no time was bijna alles op! Mensen hebben heel enthusiast gereageerd, het was gezond, kleurrijk en prachtig geserveerd! Echt een aanrader!! Volgend jaar ga ik zeker nog een keer bestellen"

~ Shirley Ensel - JMW

      Private Events    

Weddings, engagement parties, bachelor parties, baby showers, birthday and other events

Fruit Buffet

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your next event which will make it unique and unforgettable? Our fruit buffet is the best choice! It is great for the reception or as a dessert buffet. 

We will create an impressive and colourful Fruit buffet for you according to your needs and wishes. You can choose out of our range of fruit products or let us surprise you. Every detail will be taken care of to ensure your event will be successful and unforgettable. Delivering high quality is our priority!


Do you have a special request which is not in our range of products? No problem! We are creative and open minded to discuss it and help you out. 


Delivery cost: 7 Euro up to 30 km from Amstelveen.

Kindly contact us for delivery costs outside this perimeter.

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